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We are proud to offer our services through a team of highly qualified, registered professionals with advanced degrees, professional certifications,
substantial experience and multi-disciplinary backgrounds, such as are demanded by the ever increasing complexity of today's industry. Working
with state of the art equipment, E & I can be your full-service NDE company taking care of all your NDE needs.

Power Plant Inspections

Reactors, Heat Exchangers, Steam generators, Piping, Pressurizers, Valves, Pumps, Concrete
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Aircraft and Aerospace

Fuselage and hull group,Cabin and cockpit, Engine and nacelle, Landing gear, Wing, Empennage and Propellers Learn More


Quality Inspections, Safety Inspections, Tests & Audits, Material Receiving, Commissioning, Daily QC Logs
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Emission points, Storage Vessels, Vessel Loading, Equipment Leaks, Performance Testing Startup, Shutdown and Malfunction Plans. Learn More